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Bike the Baltic




2008 - 2010: Bike the Baltic, Interreg IV A South Baltic . A project aimed at making the Viking remnants and our cultural landscape accessible through biking. It involved Skåne, Bornholm and the north of Poland.

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The South Baltic regions: Central Pomerania, Bornholm and Southern Sweden are geographical very close. All those three regions have a lot in common regarding cultural heritage. On the other hand, great mental and cultural differences, especially  between the people from Poland and those from Denmark and Sweden still occur. This multi – cultural environment is one of the greatest adventages and makes the South Baltic Region very attractive.


Due to new cultural and naturalistic approach in the European Union countries, there are still more opportunities to exploit the undiscovered potential of The South Baltic Region, particulary in the tourism sector.The environmental unfriendly, traditional massive tourism, which still occurres in most coastal regions, is slowly losing it`s leading position. There is a growing interest for sustainable forms of activity, respecting protections needs for natural and cultural heritage. One of this forms is bicycle tourism, which is very high on agenda today. The unique landscape and rich cultural heritage of Regions of  Central Pomerania, Bornholm and Scania,  provide the best conditions for bicycling. All those regions have succesfull developed a lot of their own bicycle routes, but there is a lack of one big cross-border route. The main idea of this project is to support the sustainable development and promotion of the South Baltic Region, by creating a joint cross-border bicycle thematic route “Vikings and Slavs – in search for a common heritage”.

We invite you to explore the natural beauty of the South Baltic from your bike. Discover the unique heritage of Scania, Bornholm and Central Pomerania - three distinct destinations connected through the centuries by the sea.

Open your mind, let your legs do the work- and enjoy: new international bike trail covering Scania, Bornholm and Central Pomerania.