KNOT (Culture,Nature & Tourism)


2002-2006: KNOT (Kultur, Natur och Turism). Interrreg IIIC project, The project dealt with a digital map and digital solutions, enabling people to search for and find information. Interesting places to visit could also be found on the map. The exchange of experiences was a major part of this project.

Samtidigt involverade vi nätverket i allt fler olika EU projekt runt om i Europa, och då inte bara kopplat till vikingatiden. These were followed by several other EU projects like KNOT 2002-2006 (Culture, Nature and Tourism). The project was about finding solutions for a digital map accessible online where people can search for knowledge and find interesting sites to visit. Exchange of experience was a large part of the project as all participants had been lead partners in their own earlier projects. Geir wrote this application and was also project manager.

KNOT (Culture,Nature & Tourism)


Partners from 7 countries.
Focused on development of a meta-database for supplying information from different websites into interactive maps on any website
Results are now used by several projects


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